Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kelsey's Bridge design & symbolism

Bridge- bringing the community together as Kelsey had, connecting with  people and kids from many different groups and bringing them together.

Redwood- bridge made of old growth reclaimed redwood. This wood that stands up to the elements is from very old trees and is being given a new life in the project. It symbolizes a “New Life”, eternal as Christians believe when dying and going to heaven.

Design Elements that Reference Kelsey

Stylized K’s make up the graphic in the ramp sides.

Back to back K’s also are used in the metal end cap that holds the hand blown glass dome to the roof.

16 crafted metal panels make up the roof which covers the central seating area this represents the number of years of her life.

Finally, the bent laminated ring that supports the roof is a reminder of the continuous circle of life.  Also, The circle is a renown Christian Symbol for eternity, as it has no beginning and no end.   The circle “ feel” continues in the Gazebo down to the decking and below to re-enforce a feeling of surrounding  or coming together…. when a visitor enters.

Bridge design by Condy and Wynn: Woodworking and Furniture Design

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