Friday, June 9, 2017

Kelsey Kramer Scholarship Award
2017 Recipients

Anna Dempsey & Evan Massa


Kelsey Kramer Athletic Performance Training Scholarship Award
2017 OJR Middle School Recipient 
                                  Emily Sands

Thank you to everyone who applied this year for the Kelsey Kramer Scholarship & the Kelsey Kramer Parisi Athletic Performance Training Scholarship.  The support from the OJR community continues to be amazing. 
          Both of these scholarships were established in tribute to Kelsey and are a way for Kelsey’s Legacy to live on through others.  
        We are proud to award the Kelsey Kramer Scholarship this year to  Evan Massa and Anna Dempsey and the Kelsey Kramer Athletic Performance Training Scholarships to Emily Sands, three individuals who truly embrace and exemplify the values of our daughter, Kelsey Lynn Kramer
          Congratulations  Anna, Evan and Emily. We are honored that you will be a part of Kelsey’s Legacy.

                                      Forever Strong

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