Sunday, October 8, 2017

23rd Birthday


Remembering this day 23 years ago when we were blessed with the most precious gift.....the gift of our beautiful daughter, Kelsey Lynn..... The day Kelsey came into our lives a star dropped from the sky and lit a flame inside our hearts.  Watching her grow that light burned brighter fueled by pride in each of her accomplishments and by the greatest love for all that she became.  This flame keeps us going.  It comforts our souls knowing that we blessed the world with the most precious of gifts, the gift of you. No matter the time that passes between us, no matter the distance separating our hearts, our hearts are filled with the light that Kelsey sparked so many years ago.  And it will continue to burn bright so that she will always feel the love and comfort of home until we are together once again.

Happy Birthday Kelsey!  Thinking of you today and everyday.......

Kelsey's 1st Birthday

Kelsey's 4th Birthday

Kelsey's 16th Birthday

Wishing our girl was here with us to celebrate her 23rd birthday today. Can only imagine the celebrating Kelsey would be doing if here but we're sure she is having fun and enjoying her special day. Hope you like the balloons, Kels... 

Today, we celebrate Kelsey's life and all the joy, happiness, love and beautiful memories that she brought to her family and to so many others whose lives she touched.     

We love you Kelsey!

Happy Birthday Kelsey!

 We love & miss you more and more with each passing day. Kelsey, you will forever be our pride, our joy, our love and our baby girl now and always......
Happy Birthday!

Love, Mom & Dad

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